Christine Karczewski, LMP, RN, ARNP

I work with adults who are interested in manifesting their visions for a happy and fulfilling life.  Gaining freedom in spirit enables us to live life from a higher

Regardless of the nature or extent of one’s suffering or desire (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, existentially or socially), our time together is aimed at respectfully uncovering the hidden dynamics that holds old patterns in place.  They are like old worn shoes, in need of replacement.  My approach is collaborative, with you as self-healer, as we discover and transform the vibrational patterns in need of change.  My intention is to reach the core issues and vibrational patterns at a pace that matches your being’s readiness.  I meet you where you are as we proceed~ together~ coaching your energy body how to flow with your highest of intentions.  If this makes sense to you or arouses your curiosity, please read on....

Whatever the source of suffering and in whatever ways ~ mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, existential ~ typically there is more than one life challenge or event at the root, effecting more than one aspect of life.  Most often, “the perfect storm” is what brings us to our knees... calling us to pay attention, listen up, and more fully participate in needed life change.   

With this in mind, it makes sense that a better path is not necessarily going to come from a singular method, tool, form of therapy or practitioner. Yet, we tend to look for a singular cause and a singular “answer”.  From years of experience, it is clear to me that the individuals who follow through with recommended activities, from positive health habits to daily meditation~ are the ones who have an easier healing process.  

Healing is a process.  And the more we learn how to witness and acknowledge our unique process~ the more readily it unfolds towards our highest potential.  

I believe creative energy is our birthright, our inheritance.  I believe much suffering comes from creative energies becoming stuck~ resulting in mental confusion, anxieties, physical pain, emotional suffering, relationship unhappiness, poor problem solving and... feeling stuck.  This is due to the accumulation of unprocessed internal energies from hard challenges in life, and the energies are actually stuck inside.  My job is to continually help myself and others see, feel, appreciate, pay attention to stuck energies so that we can live life through creative flow!  This child like flow re-emerges from within, and it is all around us as well... and between us.  Just think about a time when there was a spark between you and another person that resulted in something good, or think about others in the world you know of.  This is energy... vibrational flow... spirit at play.  And think of a time when you had an idea, vision, intention or pure desire... and how that manifested.  This came about because of your intention and the creative flow of energies that were necessary to manifest.  We can approach everything in life this way, regardless of the nature and severity of the problem... with a deep respect for the healing process and timing that is involved.

Here are samples of what past participants have to say:

Thanks for the amazing session yesterday. I'm never disappointed!  Always surprised and amazed!  Thank you! D.P., Tacoma

I began as a skeptic, wondering how these approaches could possibly benefit me & the issues I grappled with. But, I kept coming back. Without Christine and the group, I cannot imagine that I would be the person I am today. I had been stuck in a bad place all my life, but not any more. I honestly never knew that life could be so sweet! T.F., Phoenix

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