Treatment and Education


Christine Karczewski, LMP, RN, Psychiatric ARNP

I am so happy to be a Holistic Nurse, as it is quite natural to collaboratively consider environments, stress level, thought patterns, emotional reactions, eating and sleep patterns, activities, physical health, social support, relationships, spirituality, and... the breath of life itself!  I see myself as facilitator of spirit healing, mentor, guide, coach, teacher and student... as we learn together what serves your unique being.

Together... we look in non-judgmental ways, at the thoughts, feelings, sensations, behaviors, relationships and experiences that challenge you the most.  What is it that you want to change, and are you willing to work at it?  Together... we explore and identify what works for you in the most healing ways.  Each of us holds a template for healing transformation.  Our relationship is holds a willingness of inquiry, intention, witnessing, patience, and healing process.  This is a path that will change your life.

Approaches include, and are not limited to:
Mindful Awareness

Insight and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Mind/Body Communication

Energy Healing
Hands on Healing

Breath Work

Spiritual Development

Family & Systems Constellations
Unique mind/body/spirit methods
Moderate and sensible medication management
Discontinuation of medication when indicated
Referrals to excellent alternative practitioners